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Bitter Roots In The Garden

After Adam and Eve were seduced into sin by Satan they were evicted from Eden. Celestial beings called cherubim were posted at its east entrance and a waving, flaming sword was positioned by the LORD to guard the way to the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:22-24).

Satan had successfully introduced the bitterness of his own losses caused by rebellion against GOD into the lives of the man and his wife. He had tempted Eve to rely on: the lust of her eyes (she found the tree was pleasant to look at), the lust of her flesh (she saw that the tree was good for food), and the pride of life (she believed its fruit would make her wise) instead of relying on the WORD of GOD (Genesis3:6). Eve took a bite of the fruit then used her influence with Adam to have him take a bite too. Their disobedience caused them to fall from GRACE and into sin. As a result they were at odds with their Father-Creator and with each other. In addition, Adam and Eve soon realized that because of sin they had inner conflicts they had not known before. Satan seduced Adam and Eve to reach too high and fall so low just as he did. This was the kind of home into which the first sons (Cain and Abel) were born; one defiled by the bitterness of loss (Genesis 4).

Not only was the boys’ home environment bitter, Cain and Abel had to cope with the sin and feelings of bitterness within themselves. Adam their father taught them that because he and their mother had disobeyed GOD and fallen into sin, GOD required an animal sacrifice as a prelude to communing with Him. The killing of innocent animal life reminded the worshipper of two of the awful consequences of sin; death and the destruction of relationships.

Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. In order for Cain to worship, he might have had to ask his brother for an animal to sacrifice. Sibling rivalry undermined the brothers’ relationship and instead of asking Abel for an animal, Cain offered produce from the soil he cultivated to GOD instead. When Cain saw that Abel’s sacrifice was honored by GOD and his was not, Cain became bitter and enraged. The LORD scolded Cain, but he refused to receive correction (Genesis 4:1-7). One day when the brothers were in the field, Cain’s negative emotions overwhelmed him and he murdered Abel (Genesis 4:8).

Bitter roots in the first family’s nature and interactions led to the first homicide, one brother killing another (fratricide). Now the Earth that was already cursed because of sin (Genesis 3:17-19) was contaminated by the shedding of innocent human blood. When GOD asked Cain regarding the whereabouts of Abel he rudely responded, “I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9) GOD confronted Cain about his wicked deed by saying, “What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto Me from the ground.” (Genesis 4:10)

The defiling root of bitterness first sown in Adam and Eve because of sin brought about in their family the eruption of the weeds of: rebellion against GOD, disobeying His WORD, disrespect for GOD, sibling rivalry, bitterness, resentment, murderous rage, violence, homicide, fratricide, bloodshed, a curse on the land where they lived, the first fugitive, and the first tattoo (Genesis 4:11-15). For your information, the shedding of blood at a location spiritually defiles it. Why? Because the shedding of blood attracts unclean spirits (demons) to that territory producing an oppressive atmosphere that discerning people can sense. Many unfortunate families who try to make their home at such locations find that they are often plagued by “creepy” feelings and strange occurrences. Please note that the first tattoo (or the mark of Cain) was not about beautification through body art! It was a symbol of the judgment of GOD upon a man that warned others that if they shortened his punishment by killing him, a worse penalty would befall them (Genesis 4:1). The origin story of a person, place, or thing has a great deal of significance; it should especially to those professing to be Christians because origins affect outcomes!


Root causes of bitterness should never be ignored. When they are overlooked the fruit they bear is far worse and farther reaching than anyone could possibly imagine. Let us make haste and come to the LORD JESUS CHRIST Who has the power to remove bitter roots from our lives and heal us from their lingering effects. Take a page from the first family’s book and apply their life lessons to your own life before it’s too late!

DECLARE: “LORD JESUS, by Your grace I will turn and face the root causes of bitterness in my life. I will trust You to keep my mind and emotions in perfect peace as I do so. Please give me Your wise counsel and instruct me how to handle every difficulty. I receive Your ministry of cleansing and healing in my soul and spirit from the effects of the defiling root of bitterness. Let Your glory be revealed in my life. Amen.”

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