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Decrease So He May Increase

For those who struggle daily with feelings of bitterness and offense the remedy is that you must diminish your sense of self-importance and allow the LORD to take His rightful place of significance in your lives. “What? How can you say that to me? You don’t know what I’ve been through! If you knew what they did to me you’d never say this is a remedy for what I feel!” STOP AND LISTEN TO YOURSELF! How many times did you just use a first person pronoun to assert your right to be bitter and offended? I counted four times. There’s too much you and not enough JESUS operating in your life!

John the Baptist was a mighty prophet because he knew his role and position compared to the LORD JESUS: “Then there arose a question between some of John’s disciples and the Jews about purifying. And they came unto John, and said unto him, ‘Rabbi, He that was with thee beyond Jordan, to Whom thou barest witness, behold, the Same baptizeth, and all men come to Him.’ John answered and said, ‘A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from Heaven. Ye yourselves bear me witness, that I said, I am not the CHRIST, but that I am sent before Him…He must increase, but I must decrease.’ ” (John 3:25-28, &30, KJV) John the Baptist continued to explain the supremacy of the LORD JESUS by saying that: He was from Heaven, sent to Earth by GOD, Who gave to JESUS the HOLY SPIRIT without measure, and that the Father loved the Son and had given all things into His hand. John finished by saying that whoever believed on the Son had everlasting life (verses 31-36). John knew his sphere of authority and he was content to stay in his lane; he refused to compete with JESUS.

After living a uniquely set apart life from his mother’s womb and being the forerunner of JESUS the Messiah, John was beheaded for speaking out against incest in Herod the tetrarch’s family (Matthew 14:1-12). The reason why John was able to operate in the power he demonstrated was because he reckoned himself dead before he actually died (read Romans 6)! John the Baptist had no time for bitterness or offense because he was consumed with GOD’S purpose and destiny for his life and dead to everything and everyone else.  Men and women on a mission are focused and single-minded. While they may momentarily feel the impact of what’s been said or done against them, these attacks roll off like water on a duck. The reasons for this are because of the intensity of their relationship with the LORD and the pressure of duty they sense. I suggest to you that if you spend most of your time embittered or offended because of perceived personal injuries from people, you’re either not aware of or not fulfilling your purpose in GOD. Self-life is your priority, not new life in CHRIST.

Believers in JESUS CHRIST are exhorted to be filled with His SPIRIT: “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the SPIRIT…” (Ephesians 5:18, KJV) The more you ask the HOLY SPIRIT to: fill you, govern your thoughts and behavior, and express Himself through you, the more you’ll decrease and the happier you’ll be. By the way, others that live or work with you will be happier too because of the positive changes that will take place in you! Wisdom, understanding, and compassion for others will slowly replace feelings of bitterness and offense. You will become GOD-centered and other-centered instead of self-centered. Gradually you’re spiritual, emotional, and mental health will improve. The majority of psychiatric illnesses have self-obsession as a root cause. As the HOLY SPIRIT leads and guides you, you will become a true son or daughter of GOD. I strongly suggest that you read Romans 8 to learn more about the HOLY SPIRIT and His function in your life.

In conclusion, here is a list of the ways for you to break your agreement with being a bitter and offended person:

  • Know your purpose and destiny in GOD

  • Know your function and your place

  • Know your sphere of authority and operate within it

  • Stay in your lane and refuse to compete

  • Remain focused and single-minded

  • Be teachable

  • Have a sense of urgency and a spirit of excellence about accomplishing your assignment

  • Reckon yourself dead to provocation

  • Leave your vindication to the LORD

  • Intensify your relationship with the LORD

  • Be filled with and submitted to the governance of the HOLY SPIRIT


That’s it. If you do these things you will become a precious commodity to the Body of CHRIST and to the world at large. The manifestation of the glory and grace and favor of the LORD will be evident to all who have the privilege of knowing you! You may require the help of spiritual leaders who have been anointed and appointed by GOD to identify and develop the gifts and callings of His people. Ask Him to lead you to them and He will.

DECLARE: “LORD JESUS I’m sorry for being self-centered and continually bitter and offended as a result. I receive Your correction. I ask you to heal and cleanse me from these sins. Please strengthen and embolden me as I ask those I have negatively affected by my behavior to forgive me. Empower me to maintain a righteous mind and attitude no matter what their reaction to me may be. My desire is to live for You and at peace with others from now on. Amen.”

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